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  1. chirac.jpg (30741 bytes) With Pres. Jacques Chirac, who was then Mayor of Paris; on the table is a set of first edition Voltaire books about religion, for he knew of her non-theism. levi.jpg (24845 bytes)
    With Bernard Henry Levy, French writer and philosopher in La Mutualite, Paris.
    grass.jpg (27070 bytes) With German writer Guntar Grass at  an International Pen Congress in Prague. mar.jpg (36936 bytes) The Mayor of Marseilles is showing Taslima  Nasrin around the city.
    mario.jpg (22517 bytes) With Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa in a French TVprogram,1994.
    mit.jpg (38239 bytes) With President Mitterand in the President's House in 1994.
    derrida.jpg (21338 bytes) With French philosopher Jacques Derrida on the anniversary of Editions de femmes, 1994.
    gent2.jpg (42873 bytes) Taslima Nasrin is awarded as honorary doctorate at the University of Ghent in Belgium.
    edu.jpg (41510 bytes) The cultural minister of France meets Taslima.  She is honored by Reporters Sans Frontieres, Fnac, Edition's Stock and  Le Nouvel Observateur in France.