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December 2006

The 5th part of Taslima's autobiography AMI BHALO NEI, TUMI BHALO THEKO PRIO DESH is published.



Taslima  attended  Colloque  International  Femme de mouvements, hier, aujourd'hui. pour demain 1968 -2006  at  la Sorbonne University in  Paris, France. Taslima gave lecture at the conference. The other feminist   speakers were Simone Veil, Kate Millett, Antoinette Fouque, Catharine MacKinnon, Edith Cresson, Michele Andre and many more. 



Taslima attended Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey, the largest poetry event in North America. 


August 2006

Taslima  is in Kerala to release  four of her books in Malayalam. The Hindu August22

Women suffers under Islam. Hindustan Times August22

Muslim body objects to state playing host to Taslima.  August23

I will continue my fight for women. Outlook August24

Fight oppressive religious system. The Hindu August25




I will continue to write against `patriarchal discrimination': Taslima. The Hindu July24 



The Rights Activist Addresses EUROCHIPS  conference. Taslima is  keynote speaker. May12,13

Taslima received an award  Sharat Smriti Puraskar  in Kolkata. May8

 A TV series based on Taslima's story.   The Telegraph  May1   



Writers'  statement  on cartoon. MANIFESTO : Together facing  the new totalitarianism.  



Taslima attended a seminar on femmes d'histoire  in Le Mans, France. January 22


December 2005:

"This time Taslima Nasrin's novels seem to be particularly favourite among visitors (mostly men).
And unlike the common belief that only elders like such kind of books, it's mostly college students who are showing an interest in them." The Times Of India Dec 6


November 2005:

The Times of India report:  The West Bengal Government is all set  to challenge the Kolkata High Court's verdict of  lifting the ban on Taslima's Dwikhandito in Supreme Court.   Nov8

Ecrivaine bangladaise *Jeuneafrique Nov3


October 2005: 

Inde : La Haute Cour lève l'interdiction du livre de Taslima Nasreen *Sisyphe Oct25

'Pillowman', Taslima, Free Pen  *Anandabazar Patrika Oct24

All India Minority Forum plans to burn Taslima Nasreen's effigy  * Oct17

''REUMEURS DE HAINE ''  TASLIMA'S  NEW  BOOK  IN  FRENCH  *editions Philippe Rey Oct14

A Deauville, 400 femmes d'influence se découvrent des points communs. *Le  Monde  Oct17

Le Women's Forum veut faire entendre la voix des femmes *Le Monde Oct15

Mondialisation au féminin *Le Nouvel Observateur Oct13

Cadres sup : les femmes se rebiffent    Le Nouvel Observateur Oct6

Ni putes ni soumises fait un triomphe à deux militantes de la cause des femmes musulmanes. *Le Monde Oct4

13-15 October: Taslima was invited by the  Women's Forum in Deauville, France.   Here is the  Forum's  report.

7-8-9 October:  Taslima presided over the 18th Book Festival (le festival du livre) in Mouans-Sartoux, France. She spoke about feminism and secularism.  Here is a program of the conferences or debates in which she participated.

30 Sep- 1-2  October: In Paris, Taslima addressed an  important young women's organization called  Ni  Putes Ni Soumises ( Neither Whore Nor Submissive). 

Split by leftists  and  fanatics *IPSnews Oct4

UNMUZZLED : Taslima Nasreen is surrounded by guns and roses. *The Telegraph Oct2

All India Minority Forum to move Supreme Court against Dwikhandito *Kolkata Newsline Oct2


September 2005


Victory for freedom of expression *The Hindu Sep30

Dwikhondito a victim of politics of votebanks: Taslima *WebIndia Sep29

The government seems to think that it is ruling immature, unthinking children, who are unable to distinguish between reason and unreason. * editorial The Telegraph Sep26

Victory of  Freedom of Expression  *editorial Anandabazar Patrika Sep24

Its the victory of freedom of speech and expression * The Telegraph Sep23

Ban is lifted *The Canadian Press Sep23

Indian State  lifts  ban on  Writer *BBC Sep22

Eminent author, Taslima Nasreen  unveiled another side of her personality *Kolkata Newsline Sep19

Taslima  Nasreen Gets Indian Visa *BBC Sep1



August 2005

Taslima Received  'Grand Prix Condorcet-Aron 2005'  from the French Parliament   in Belgium (Parlement de la Communaute Francaise de Belgique Wallonie Bruxelles),  on the 26th of August, 2005. * Le SoirAug28

More headline-grabbing have been the hounding of the author Taslima Nasrin. BOMBS IN BANGLADESH. *The Daily Telegraph  Aug18

Morality has been hijacked by religion.*Indian Express Aug5

Piracy is a big problem in Bangladesh. All of  Taslima's  banned books are being pirated.  Pirated copies are sold everywhere, even in the Bengali bookshops in New York she has recently visited. Taslima is outspoken in her stand against censorship and also against piracy.



July  2005:


Taslima will not alter any text. There was a report that Taslima had an out-of-court settlement, one in which she would agree to alter the text. In reality, however, there was no settlement, either for expunging or modifying the text. Taslima's publisher and the lawyers had  a press conference to provide authentic information.
report not true


Taslima was not allowed to read her poem ‘America’ during a Bengali Convention held in Madison Square Garden   on  Sunday evening. ‘America’  is an anti-war poem which  is against weapons of mass destruction while taking a stand for humanity.  As  she was reading this poem,  many from an audience of 10  thousand American-Bengalis booed and did not let her continue  after the first few  lines of the poem. Taslima had no other alternative but to skip to the end of the poem. She was soon forced by the organizer of the convention to leave the Madison Square Garden area.

 People who were present commented that the objections were coming from individuals of the extreme right-wing.  Thereby, they were showing their intolerance toward a view different from their own, yet they were claiming this is a democratic land where freedom of speech is a right.

America (Bengali) from Kicchukkhon Thako, the latest book of poetry  July3


June 2005 

Taslima's  book not intended to hurt any community,*outlook,india June21

Taslima book hurt Muslim feelings : Govt  *Indian Express June7

 Les religions sont anti-femmes 

"All religions are hostile to women, without exception," asserts writer Taslima Nasreen in an interview on the occasion of the annual world education week. "They oppose the freedom and the rights of women, who they oppress with the same claims that culture, conventions and patriarchal systems do. I refer to Islam in particular, because it opposes democracy, human rights and the emancipation of women. In Islamic countries, the situation is worse than elsewhere because there is no clear distinction between religion and the state. The law is rooted in the religion and that is the source of all evil for women." * L'Express  June2  

Indira Goswami backs Taslima's citizenship request:*Indo-Asian News Service June1



May 2005:

Taslima Nasreen, Ecrivaine et militante des Droits des Femmes. Seminar   on Global Girls Education   in Paris *2005:plusdexcuses May31

Taslima received Honorary degree from The American University of Paris, France * AUP News May26

Taslima's citizenship *The Pioneer May20

Taslima stays away from programme after prohibitory orders *The Hindustan Times May7

Bitter, Taslima Stays Afloat. *The Telegraph May1

Taslima Stopped from addressing function * Deccan Herald May1



April 2005:

Muslim Protests Derail Taslima * The Times of India Apr30                                           

Opinion *Anandabazar Patrika Apr21

I am not a self exiled person *Voice of America(Bengali)Apr14

Appeal for Indian citizenship to Taslima Nasreen   *The Hindu Apr10

Litterateurs rally for Nasreen's citizenship *The Hindu Apr8



March 2005:

editorial  Anandabazar  Patrika  Mar31

*rediff news Mar31

UNACCEPTABLE  Editorial Telegraph Mar30

Grant Permanent Residency The Times of India. Mar30

India rejects citizenship plea of Taslima Nasreen Hindustan Times Mar30

India Denies Citizenship to Taslima Arab News Mar 30

Minority Council demands that Taslima's visa not be extended *Outlook Mar30

Pro-Taslima demonstrators arrested outside Calcutta HC *Hindustan Times Mar29

L'Inde refuse la citoyenneté à Taslima Nasreen * TV FRANCE 2  Mar29

Visa extension reports fail to impress Taslima *The Statesman Mar 29

Govt Buys Six Months on Taslima *The Telegraph  Mar29

'Taslima book does not attack religion’ *The Statesman Mar23

 Taslima Cry no Calcutta, no creativity *The Telegraph Mar21

Porn Tag on Taslima Work * Hindustan Times. Mar16
Govt confused, says no-ban petitioner *The Statesman Mar16

Taslima pledges body *The Hindu Mar8

BD writer pledges to donate body for research *The Nation Mar5

Taslima to donate  body * Yahoo News Mar4



February 2005 :

Taslima Nasreen is nominated for Nobel Peace prize *Deccan Herald  feb 25 

Record Nominations Received for Nobel* ABC News feb24

Taslima in the Court to Fight Book Ban *The Times of India feb 24

Taslima Nasreen requests Indian Citizenship   – why is India hesitating? *India Daily feb20

Ban on Books Meaningless. Taslima  *Hindustan Times feb 18

History runs against Taslima citizenship   *The Telegraph   feb18     

Taslima may not get Indian citizenship  *Times of India feb18

Exiled writer seeks new life in India  *Guardian feb18

Writer in Exile Seeks New Home *New York Times feb18


Exiled Bengali Author's Indian Bid *BBC feb17






January 2005:


Experts alarmed by extrimist tilt in Bangladesh *The Times of India Jan22








Midnapore, May 1, 2005

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen on Sunday did not attend a poetry recitation programme here after the administration slapped prohibitory orders around the venue in the town apprehending breach of peace.
Police said the prohibitory orders were imposed after a Muslim organisation, which dubbed Taslima as "anti-Islam and an enemy of mankind", objected to her presence.
Apprehending a law and order problem, the administration also asked the organisers not to hold the programme and the Muslim organisation not to bring out any procession in the town. Taslima did not attend the programme.
Later, 13 writers and educationists, including Buddhadev Guha, Sushil Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra Kumar Dasgupta, in a statement, condemned the administration's decision to "ban" the poetry recitation programme.
Describing the administration's move as "facist", they it had provided 'encouragement to communal forces'.



Taslima  was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, 2005, she was both honored and humbled just for having been nominated.


December 2004

Taslima Draws Huge Crowd at Bookfair

Crowds throng to have a glimpse of Taslima Add to Clippings

Anugya Srivastava

[ Monday, December 13, 2004 02:40:04 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
PATNA: "I was scared before coming to Bihar because some people told me that political situation in Bihar was not good. But I am no more scared, Bihar is my place, my home too. I am so grateful to you all for your love, support and solidarity. Your support is my inspiration," said the noted author, Taslima Nasreen, to the huge crowd that was present at the Rabindra Nath Tagore Manch of the Patna Book Fair just to have a glimpse of her.

Although she could not stay at the fair for long as she arrived there at around 3:40 pm and left within 45 minutes on account of security problems, the visitors had no complaints. They were all satisfied which could easily be understood from their excitement and enthusiasm. On this occasion, she released a book, 'Chhote Chhote Dukh', written by her and published by Vani Publication.

The book is originally written in Bangla and translated by Sushil Gupta into Hindi. 'Lajja' was her first book which was also translated into Hindi and English. Cultural events were the highlights of the day. Abhigyan Yuva Kavi Goshthi was held at Panini Parisamvad Kaksha where a number of young and upcoming poets including Ramesh Ritambhar, Sanjay Kumar Kundan, Rohit, Subhash Karn, Pushpa Raj, Neha recited their poems.

Later Nilakshi Singh narrated the story, 'Ek tha Bhujwan', written by her. She has been awarded Sahitya Academy Swarna Jayanti Puraskar for this story. Prem Ranjan Animesh read a few poems written by him like 'Akshar', 'Janmadin', 'Pechhli Roti' and 'Gaaliyan'.

He has bagged a number of literary awards like, Bharat Bhushan Agarwal Award, Kanhaiya Smriti Award. Nirman Kala Manch group performed a street play, 'Roshni', directed by Sharda Singh at Prithviraj Kapoor Rangabhoomi of the fair. It was based on the problem of electricity in Bihar.

At Rabindra Nath Tagore Manch, a number of musical programmes were held which included solo tabla by Ravi Shankar, followed by a duet between Reeta Das on sarod and Ashish Chaterjee, who played the sitar. Reeta Das presented 'Raag Kirwani' popular in Carnatic music and evening melodies.

There was an unprecedented crowd at the fair but ironically there were not many who appeared to be interested in books. As it was a Sunday, most of the visitors were in a mood to relax and enjoy the weekend.


October-November 2004

 pictures of the Rendez-vous de l'histoire

Mon parcours. L'engagement de Taslima Nasreen en faveur de la cause des femmes
Taslima Nasreen, écrivain bengladaise
de 14h30 à 16h - Salle de spectacle de la Maison de la Magie

Programme de Bagdam

Programme de bagdam November 2004

lesbian program in france




13 March 2004
Taslima book ban
    Times of India News Network

 KOLKATA:  Calcutta   High Court on Friday directed the state government to file an affidavit within two weeks on the ban order relating to Taslima Nasreen’s latest book  Dwikhandito.  

 Human rights activist Sujat Bhadra had challenged the order of the state government banning the book. Appearing on his behalf, advocate Joymalya Bagchi argued that the “offending” portions, as stated by the government, had not caused any enmity between the communities. 

 Appearing on behalf of the state, public prosecutor Kaji Safiullah opposed the contention. The matter will again come up for hearing on April 16.  

 Earlier, a Bench had stayed the sale of the book, following a defamation suit filed by a Kolkata based poet.

7 March 2004
Taslima wants to settle in Kolkata
          Times of India

KOLKATA: Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen dreams of setting up her home in the metropolis.
Taslima Nasreen,  the feminist writer against whom Islamists in Bangladesh have issued a fatwa, discounts the reservations by certain Muslim groups and clerics on her stay here in West Bengal and asks: "Who are these people? Whom do they represent?"
Though her visit in January was for the launch of her latest autobiographical title Shei Shob Andhakar (Those Dark Days), which was immediately banned in Bangladesh, she also took time off to meet people.
"I have found that they love me and are against my persecution ," Taslima said in an interview before leaving for London .
She holds that the banning of Dwikhondito ( Split into Two) by the Left Front government did not have popular support.
"People whom I met at the Kolkata book fair told me so. I have been getting hundreds of phone calls from people, including complete strangers who have expressed solidarity with me and want to meet me."
Taslima said she planned to return to Kolkata possibly during the Durga Puja festival. "I know what Durga puja means to a Bengalee."
She is looking for a home in Kolkata, she confided, "to live, talk and dream in Bengali."

4 March 2004

Taslima's tired of living in hotels

Her hotel room wore a careless look with half a dozen bouquets, books, albums, and mementos scattered all over the place.
Visitors dropped in to exchange notes before Taslima Nasrin left the city for New York on Wednesday morning. As for the lady herself, Tuesday's schedule included an album release in her hotel room and a visit to the Salt Lake residence of the indisposed author Nikhil Sarkar.

Though she looked her svelte self, that did not stop her from lamenting about putting on 10 kgs of weight in the last 10 days of her stay in the city. But then, the warmth with which the city has been treating her didn't leave much room for the feisty Bangladeshi author to crib.
"I have mixed feelings now. I'm apprehensive whether some indisposed friends will be around when I return next. The city has been generous in showering me with love. But I'd appreciate if the heritage buildings of Kolkata are restored properly. Unlike the West, old buildings here make way for ugly concrete jungles. Someday, I'll write about the changing face of this city," the Harvard research scholar said.
Another thing that Taslima hates is having to live in a hotel in Kolkata. "All I want is a place in Kolkata to call my home. Maybe, I'll have one next time," she said.
About the ban on Dikhandito, she said,  "Many have privately told me that they do not support the ban. But they need to be vocal publicly. It's not a question of just my book being banned. It's more an issue of people having the right to express themselves." Perhaps, when she returns in September, she'll get more people to lend their voice to issues close to her heart.

Human Rights Day
AAI Convention Adds Taslima Nasrin to Cast of Stars



23 January 2004
       Minority body wants debate with Taslima

KOLKATA (Times of India): The West Bengal Minority Council has called for an open debate with Taslima Nasrin on the comments on Islam made in the last edition of her autobiography series Dwikhandito.
Shahanshah Jahangir, president of the council, said the council was trying to get in touch with the writer on this issue.
"We want to have an open debate with her on Islam and her comments. We are trying to bring scholars on Islam from outside the state to attend the debate," said Jahangir. The council has written to the state minorities development and welfare minister Mohammad Salim informing about their demand. The council, which has welcomed the ban on the book, has expressed its displeasure on Taslima being allowed to stay in the city.
"We are against issuing any fatwa but if she can write anything expressing her viewpoint we also have the right to debate it," said Jahangir.

21 January 2004

       Muslim protestors burn Taslima's effigy

    KOLKATA - Times of India:  Scores of Muslims on Tuesday demonstrated against controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen here, demanding that she leave the city immediately. The protestors burned two straw effigies of the author and trampled on posters carrying her picture.
       "She is an insult to Islam and she can't stay in this city," said Idris Ali, president of the All-India Minority Council, as about 250 people cheered him. "We have so far remained calm, but we will pick up swords if she is not asked to leave this country or at least our city immediately."

        Nasreen, who fled Bangladesh after Islamic radicals there put a price on her head for her allegedly blasphemous writing in the book Lajja, arrived here last week to launch her next book. Her latest book Dwikhandito was also banned in Bangladesh and West Bengal .
        The city's powerful Islamic clerics have condemned Nasreen's visit and announced a cash reward of Rs 20,000 for anyone who can blacken her face or put a garland of shoes around her. Both acts are considered grave insults on the subcontinent.
        Nasreen, who lives in self-exile in the US , is under heavy state security cover and her movements are kept secret.
       "The government is spending public money to protect an infidel. This is an insult to Muslims. She is an insult to Islam because she smokes and wears clothes that Islam doesn't approve of," Ali said. The demonstration was held in a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood in central Kolkata near the office of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), which heads West Bengal 's ruling coalition.

          Let's try and be fair to Taslima

    Five individuals are interviewed. A member, Mayor-in-council, KMC, complains that Taslima is deliberately trying to hurt religious sentiment by appearing half-naked in public. An author says "the whole issue has unnecessarily been hyped up by the media." A minister for youth affairs states that Taslima isn't important enough to comment concerning. A women's rights activist is ashamed that all this is happening to Taslima in a secular, modern society. Another author is surprised that the publicity is happening in Kolkata, adding that her publisher should not print the two controversial pages of Dwinkhandito that Bangladesh banned.
    None of those interviewed suggested that charges against Taslima's critics should be made, that such individuals should  be brought to trial, fined, or jailed.

20 January 2004   

I Am Not Scared of Anyone: Taslima

TASLIMA Nasrin's works have always attracted extremes of reactions. Reviled in her country, she has been glorified in India only to be scorned later.   Here for the release of the fourth part of her autobiography, the author took time out to speak to TOI's Arnab Ganguly on a range of issues:  fundamentalism, the role of intellectuals, and the ban on Dwikhondito.
       Taslima's Got A New Look

TASLIMA Nasreen is looking a lot younger than her 42 years. "I've reduced my intake of carbohydrate," she clarifies, "as I have diabetes." Not good news, but that seems to have helped at least in the weight department!   "Now I am very conscious about my food, unlike earlier, and this has helped me shed some bulk."

The ban on her, says Taslima, has left many of her readers unhappy. "The enthusiasm of readers encourages me to write more. No author wants a ban. If my book is not allowed to reach readers, then what's the point?" Yes, neither a writer's block nor a block on writers is acceptable to Taslima Nasreen.


CALCUTTA (Reuters) - A Muslim cleric in India offered on Friday a reward of
20,000 rupees to anyone who blackens the face of exiled Bangladeshi author
Taslima Nasreen, whose writings some Muslims consider blasphemous.

To blacken someone's face -- most commonly with ink or shoe polish -- is
viewed as a major insult on the Indian subcontinent.

Last month, the communist government of West Bengal banned Nasreen's latest
book, "Dwikhandito", or "Split in Two", for fear the book could disturb
religious peace. "Her writings are against humanity and Islam," S.M.N.
Rahman Barkati, the chief cleric of Calcutta's main mosque, told a crowd of
more than 10,000 attending Friday prayers.

"Her face can be blackened with ink, paint or tar. Or she can be garlanded
with shoes."

Nasreen's earlier books -- "Lajja", "My Girlhood Days" and "Wild Wind" --
were banned by the government of neighbouring Bangladesh after they upset
Muslim hardliners. "Lajja" was banned for blasphemy and for suggesting free

Police in Calcutta have provided security for Nasreen during her visit to
the city.

Nasreen, who lives in the United States, was not available for comment. She
was born in Bangladesh in 1962 but fled the country in 1994 after Muslim
hardliners called for her death.

The edict comes days after Muslim groups put up posters at Bombay mosques
offering a reward of 100,000 rupees to anyone who succeeded in blackening
the face of British author Salman Rushdie when he holidayed in the country.

Many Muslims accused the Booker Prize-winning author of blasphemy in his
novel, "The Satanic Verses".

Moral police catches up with Taslima, Imam announces new fatwa against Taslima

KOLKATA: During her first public appearance in the city, Taslima Nasrin had to leave the venue after some people at the programme made adverse comments about her dress.
On Sunday morning Taslima Nasrin had gone to Uttam Mancha to offer her tribute to the Rabindrsangeet exponents Subinoy Roy and Amal Nag. Taslima had to walk out when one of the speakers pointed to her dress.
Taslima had reached the auditorium at around 10:30 in the morning, where among other guests were educationist Pabitra Sarkar, senior bureaucrat Dipak Rudra and musician V Balsara.
While the programme was on, Subhas Chowdhury, a Rabindrasangeet trainer, said that Taslima was not dressed properly. Taslima was requested by the organisers to come up on stage while the programme was on.
The writer was visibly hurt and left the auditorium immediately. Though the organisers requested her to stay back for the rest of the programme, she left in a short while. There was tight security around the auditorium when the writer walked in. Even accompanying policemen were shocked at the incident.
"We did not expect such a thing to happen", said a policeman on duty. Taslima, however, refused to comment on the incident.  "This was in bad taste. She was a guest and deserved better behaviour. There was no dress code mentioned for the programme. She had come to show her respect for the singers and should have been allowed to do so", said one of the invitees.
In another development, the Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid announced a fatwa against the writer sending ripples all over the city. Criticising the fatwa, the Paschimbanga Ganatantrik Mahila Samity, in a statement issued here, demanded complete security for the writer in view of the threat.
Such comments are not welcome in the state, said one samity member. Several other organisations have joined the samity to protest against the fatwa.
"The state government had promptly banned the book but when fundamentalists are threatening Taslima it is silent. Her security should be tightened immediately and action should be taken against those who have issued the fatwa",  said the spokesperson of Maitree, a women's organisation.

16 January 2004


KOLKATA: Taslima Nasrin closeted herself in a city hotel for most part of Thursday, giving the final touches to the next volume of her autobiography, which will be released at the Kolkata Book Fair.
Publisher Shibani Roy arrived at Taslima's hotel suite early in the morning with the proofs. Apart from the next volume of her autobiography, she is also busy with another book Chhoto Chhoto Dukhkho Katha to be released during the book fair.

15 January 2004


KOLKATA: Taslima Nasrin is yet to come out of the shock of facing a ban on her book, Dwikhandito, in West Bengal .
On a personal visit to the city, the first after the ban, the writer said she had not expected this. But that was all she would say on her arrival from the USA on Wednesday morning.

14 January 2004

‘I’ve left it to people to protest’ - The Statesman

Taslima Nasreen is in town, for the first time since the Left Front government proscribed the third part of her autobiographical sketches, Dwikhandita, two months ago, and she has no intention to meet the chief minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, and ask him personally what, he felt, was objectionable in pages 49 and 50.

“I have not sought any appointment with Mr Bhattacharjee. This is not a personal matter any more. I leave it to the people of this state to raise their voice of protest against the autocratic move.

Taslima sticks to thanksgiving - The Telegraph

Taslima Nasreen, whose latest work was banned in Bengal and published after cuts in Bangladesh, hit the city today, ensconced in security provided by the government that proscribed her book.

Nasreen tried to steer clear of controversy, making her displeasure of the Left Front government’s decision to ban Dwikhandita, the third part of Amar Meyebela, known only through monosyllables. Escorted by three siren-wailing police vehicles, she merely said the government’s decision was unexpected.

Fondamentalisme politico-religieux 05 March,2005 (French)

Washington Post Editorial 



Jail term surprises Bangladeshi author BBC Oct 14 


 Taslima at Mumbai 2000





come home 

police hunt feminist writer




French people are angry  against Govt. decision that Taslima  should not be allowed to stay  for more than 24 hrs in France.

who is Taslima (French)




I was born in a muslim family ( English)