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Agent provocateur or a bold voice of dissent against patriarchy? Rubaiyat Hossain re-examines Bangladesh's most controversial author.

Taslima Nasreen: Woman in exile

Constructing Outraged Communities and State Responses:
The Taslima Nasreen Saga in 1994 and 2007

Ask a poet - Kristen Hoggatt

 Amlan Dutta's article  September 2008 Dainik Statesman. (Bengali)


Article: OPERATION  TASLIMA  issue





Article: CITIZENSHIP issue 

Rushdie 'n' Taslima: The yearning to be an Indian

Cultural Imperialism

Taslima is through a crucial phase of her life. Can she survive it?


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Articles: BOOK BAN issue                                                                  

Taslima's opinion

Shukla's idea

A blank Wall

Frontline Article

Editorial Indian Express

Taslima Makes Waves

Intellectuals opinion

Outlawed Taslima

Guardian Article 

Save Culture From The “Banned-It” Gangs and The Culture Cops

red rag for taslima

Unwarranted  Ban


Article: FATWA issue                                                                    

a  tale of three  heretics

PAGE 24 to 63 

Taslima undaunted by fatwa 

a disobedient woman

Islamic Resurgence

Muslim Cleric offers reward to anyone who tars the face of feminist writer

Threats of violations relating to freedom of speech by imams of mosques and the religious right in Bangladesh

faces death threat

New Threat on Taslima 

The News: Muslim cleric offers reward to anyone who tars the face of feminist writer

The News of the  Muslim Fundamentalists (22 Feb-7March)


The Death Sentence  passed by Islamic fundamentalists against  Taslima Nasreen 

THE REAL SHAME, Editorial The Times of India,30 September 1993

BIGOTRY AGAIN, Editorial The Statesman, 1 October 1993 

OUR SHAME AND DISGRACE, Editorial Mainstream, 2 October 1993 

TASLIMA'S  TRUTH, Indian Express, 10 October 1993

SHAME AND PERFIDY, Editorial The  Statesman 14 October 1993


Letter to Taslima from Salman Rushdie when she first received the fatwa  1994

Sam Wainwright, "Taslima Nasreen: 'I Will Not Be Silenced' "

Fight against fundamentalism 

The Rise of Religious Rights

Sentence de morte


Religious Fundamentalism 

A cocoon of terror 

Religious Extremism and nationalism in Bangladesh 



The Crime of Blasphemy 1998-1999

Baying for Taslima's blood

"Taslima defies death threats" BBC News 1 December 1998

"Muslims Continue Death Calls for Nasrin, Rushdie"

Granted Bail but.. 

"Taslima Goes Into Exile," BBC News, 26 January 1999

"Taslima wieder auf der Flucht,"Die Gazette 12 Marz 1999

The case of Taslima


Sword of Truth 


"Taslima Nasreen: A Flame of Truth in the Darkness of Lies," Sword of Truth, 30 Oct 1999

Muslims Threaten to Harm Taslima Nasreen in Mumbai 26 Feb 2000

Editorial, Communalism Combat, March 2000

"The Crime of Blasphemy," Women Against Fundamentalisms

Anthony McIntyre, "Taslima Nasreen"

Taslima Naseen and the fight against fundamentalism 


Hindu fundamentalists are angry 2000

"Arrest Taslima, says Bengal BJP," Parwez Haefeez in Calcutta


Court Sentence 2002

Bangladesh court sentences Taslima

Religious and Community Censorship The Bangladeshi feminist writer, Taslima Nasreen, has been given a one-year prison sentence on a charge of writing derogatory comments about Islam in several of her books.

This is the first sentence against the writer who was forced to flee the country in 1994 after receiving death threats from Muslim extremists.

Taslima Nasreen's criticism of traditional Islamic values and customs angered many hard line Islamic groups in Bangladesh.

Taslima Nasrin’s brushes with law in her motherland 

One Year prison sentence on a charge of writing..... 

"Bangladesh Court Sentences Taslima," BBC News, 13 Oct 2002

"Jail Term Surprises Bangladesh Author," BBC News, 14 Oct 2002

A Statement from Mukto-mona  


"Positive Atheism's Big List of Quotations"



Interviews : 

Irshad   Manji's   interview with  Taslima                       

An interview with Institute for secularisation of Islamic society                                                                     

They wanted to kill me 
Interview with Evan Solomon, CBC

No religion gives women freedom

One Brave Woman vs. Religious Fundamentalism 

of an ongoing battle

I am not a self exiled person, I was forced to leave Bangladesh

Nasrin memoir confronts taboo

Taslima defies death threats

The soil here smells like Bangladesh

When religion turns into intolerance

Religion is made for men

I am not scared of anyone

Sex is not obscene

Express Interview

French Interview

Dooneys Cafe : Taslima and Salman: A fatwa with a difference

French Magazine

German Magazine

Development impossible without empowering women

Italian Magazine

Nouva Agenzia Radicale

Swedish News

Interview in Finnish language

Express Interview

Feminism against fundamentalism



Taslima Nasreen: Coup de foudre...(French)

Ketaki Kushari Dyson's opinion 

Writing and deep crimson

The refuseniks of orthodoxy

Googlism when is nasrin

Pejuang anti-komunalisme

femmes,manifestez-vous! (French)

In Denmark

Tehmina and Taslima

De Islam, hoelang nog? ( Dutch)

Taslima Nasreen ( Portugese)

on Taslima Nasreen

Taslima, undici anni dopo ( Italian)

Islam's Captive Women

The crime against blasphemy

taslima nasrin ( Spanish)

I am Not a Self Exiled Person, I was Forced to Leave Bangladesh : Taslima

Interview with ISIS

Without empowering women



List of Physician Writers

List of childfree by choice

List of Atheists website

List of Atheists

List of notable secular humanists

List of Quotations on Positive Atheism

List of famous non-believers