Taslima wrote numerous articles for the newspapers and magazines all over the world.  A very  few examples are here 

Taslima's recent newspaper columns  in Bengali

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Not a word from you, you fallen woman ! ( All about Bengal) 

Hope is the only thing we  have (Bengali)

Taslima's short story is  in a French book

 Homeless Everywhere (English)

 An interview  in a Bangladesh newspaper

1, 2, 3,4,5 (Bengali)

7 Rawdon Street . Dainik Statesman October  2008( Bengali)

Bengali Poetry Magazine September 2008 ( Bengali)

BhaloTi basibo by Joy Goswami. Book review. September 2008 ( Bengali)

Sans domicile fixe Liberation, France. July 27(French)

I Am But A Disembodied Voice, The Living Dead  Outlook. 18 December 2007 (English)

What have I done that I can neither cross my own threshold nor enjoy human company?

The Vanishing  Dainik Statesman. 18 December 2007 ( Bengali)

Banished within and without The Times of India  18 November,2007 ( English)


It Feels, Speaks, Smells like Home Outlook,  May 14,2007 ( English)

No Woman No Cry, Mint, May 4, 2007 ( English)

Book Review A long journey to be herself Outlook, April 2,2007( English)



Book Review:  I Say, Three Cheers for Ayaan  Outlook, 28 August,2006( English)

Film Review: who has  the guts to be nasty? Anandabazar Patrika 22 April,2006(Bengali)

Film Review: If they could  show some SEX..would have been better  Anandabazar Patrika 18 March, 2006(Bengali)

Film Review: OPURNAYON Desh 2 March,2006 (Bengali)

Film Review: We women decorate ourselves and wait for men  so that they can enjoy us ABP 23 April,2005(Bengali)


Review:  Poetry Recitation Program Desh 2March,2006(Bengali)

BOOK REVIEW : 'Right' for men, 'responsibility' for women Boier Desh October2005 (Bengali)  

BOOK REVIEW : I call her the black-beauty Boier Desh July2005 (Bengali)  

BOOK REVIEW: Big fellows Boier Desh May2005 (Bengali)


I am waiting for a change  Banglar Mukh   April 2006 (Bengali)

Life  March 2006(Bengali)

SUNDORI  Anondolok, March, 2006(Bengali)

Sandipan February 2006(Bengali)


Two drops of tears, one is meghna, another is jamuna ABP 29March,2005 (Bengali)   

I have no connection with any god, any religion, any sect. The Times of India 20February,2005 (English)   

You are banned, you must not speak  ABP 6February,2005 (Bengali) (original)

Small things  Sangbad Pratidin 6 february,2005 (Bengali)

Bengali Men October,2004(Bengali)


        AN OPEN LETTER TO  ELFRIEDE   JELINEK   ABP 14October,2004         (Bengali)



Criticism  of  religious festival in India where millions of people live below the poverty line   ABP 3 october,2004 (Bengali)

O Naipaul, whatever you say.. ABP 26September,2004  (Bengali)  

Beware of Dogma   ABP 18 September,2004 ( Bengali) (uncensored version)

The Past is not another country  June,2004 (English)

Taslima's Love for Bengali language and culture.  

  Link 1  29 March 2004
  Link 2  4 April 2004

ABP (Bengali)

kolkata book fair    Ananda Bazar Patrika(ABP)1 February,2004(Bengali)  


HOMELESS EVERYWHERE   Sarai Reader2004 crisis/media  (English)


...One of the main reasons for the controversy regarding Dwikhandio  is sexual freedom. Since most people are immersed neck-deep in the traditions of a patriarchal society, they are irritated, angry and outraged at the open declaration of a woman's sexual autonomy. This freedom is not something that I simply talk about; rather, I have established it for myself, in and through my life. But this freedom is not license; men cannot touch me whenever they please. I decide...

This is Taslima's answer to those who blame  her for writing her book, Dwikhandito.  Click here  to read the article. DESH 17December2003 (Bengali)

''I HAVE  NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF'' Taslima's confession     

More confession  THE TELEGRAPH  December 2003 (English)


Critisicm of Islam Il faut critiquer l'Islam  LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR   Semaine du jeudi 19 septembre 2002 (French)


This only proves religion is the best way to fool the poor, THE TIMES OF INDIA 27august,2002  (English)

Aucun doute: les Etats-Unis sont une menace pour la paix dans  rfi2002 (French)


No Progress is possible  without a secular society  Unesco Courier, June 2000 (English)


Ending silence  Time: 100 Time Magazine 23-30 August,1999(English)

A Disobedient woman April, 1997(English)

Briser les chaînes de la religion (French)

women and cattle (English)