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June 2012


Taslima attended board meeting at the foundation for women’s dignity and rights in Paris.



May  2012


Taslima attended atheist convention in Cologne, Germany  25-27 May



March 2012


Taslima  spoke at   Reason Rally in America.  More than 20 thousand people were there.  24 March

Other speakers were Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, James Randi…

Taslima spoke at American Atheist convention  in Washington DC, USA. 25-26 March   Review1, Review2



Febrruary  2012

Taslima’s book launch was banned in Kolkata,West Bengal, India.  Guardian

New York Times

Daily Mail

The Hindu


Times of India

Freedom of expression being gagged


December 2011

Taslima received honorary doctorate from Paris Diderot University, Paris, France




Conference at Paris University. My combat for equality.  News    Photos


May 2011

Taslima addressed 500 students at theater d'Esch in Luxembourg. 3 May  News

Taslima received Honorary Citizenship from Esch, Luxembourg 3 May, News   News

Interview Burqa Debate on Burqa at theater d'esch   Program 4 May

Honorary Citizenshipship at Hotel de Ville, Metz, France 5 May

Reading poetry and prose at Center Pompidou at Metz 5 May  Opinion  Opinion


Honorary Citizenship at Hotel de Ville, Thionville, 6 May  News  News News

Lecture and debate on feminism at Thionville. 6 May  News  



April 2011

Taslima attended Blue Met Literary Festival in Montreal, Canada. 25 to 29 April  News

March 2011

Taslima gave lecture on Human Rights Film Festival , Geneva, Switzerland  10 March


February 2, 2011

Taslima received Doctorate Honoris Causa from UCL, Belgium



November 2010

*Taslima visited Barton College, N.C. as Woodrow Wilson fellow Nov 14-19 Nov



October 2010

*Taslima visited Brenau University  in  Georgia  to teach classes Oct 4 -8

http://www.gainesvilletimes. com/section/6/article/39029/ index.cfm?objectid=6964FA4F- 65B3-FE26-066AD8197B4AF727

*Taslima visited Roger Williams University in Rhode Island Oct 17-22

Taslima Nasrin examine the intricate relations between Art and Identity

Civil discourse Lecture series   Photo1 Photo2 Photo3



September 2010

*Taslima visited Elizabethtown college in Pennsylvania, USA  as a Woodrow Wilson fellow   13 to 18 September Elizabethtown-College-Writers- House-kicks-off-inaugural- season/1702461 elizabethtown_pa/events/ woodrow-wilson-visiting- fellow-taslima-/E0-001- 033443111-7


April 2010

Taslima as a Carte Blanche attended Luxembourg poetry festival. (Le Printemps des Poetes). European female poets were invited.


March 2010

Taslima spoke in the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia  ph-video

Opinion: Celebrating life beyond belief  The Australian / Sydney Morning Herald/The Age/Online opinion1/Online opinion2/Sydney Morning Herald article/Radio/Blog1/Blog2/Blog3/Blog4/Blog5/Blog6/Blog7/Blog8/Blog9/Blog10/Blog11/Blog12/Blog13/Blog14


November 2009

1100 Italian writers and poets and intellectuals wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi, chair person of Congress in India for Taslima.

Taslima attended the board meeting of PPR's foundation of Women's dignity and rights,  which gives 1 million Euros per year to improve the condition of women. 25th of Nov, in Paris, France.

Taslima attened inauguration of a French book of articles on feminism called DES MOTS POUR AGIR. edited by Eve Ensler, in Theater Michel, in Paris.France. 23rd of Nov.

Writers and Human Rights organizations in Kolkata came out in protest to mark the second anniversary of the day when Taslima was driven out of Kolkata, the city she has been settled in since 2004. 20th and 22nd of Nov.

Taslima attended World Justice Forum in Vienna, Austria,11-14 Nov.

Taslima was honoured by the Mayor of Lyon in the Hotel de Ville ( City Hall) in Lyon. She was given medal of the city, the highest honour of Lyon. 6Th of Nov.

Taslima was invited to inaugurate salon du livre ( book fair) in Lyon, France on the 6th of November. She was also present during inauguration of the book titled 'Femmes en resistance'. The  preface of the book  was written by her. 6th of Nov.

Taslima received 'La Medaille d'honneur' of the city of Lyon.

Taslima Nasreen au Salon du livre 2009

Gerard Collomb, the Mayor's blog -- 'Femme en resistance'

France 3 interview



October 2009

Taslima is awarded Feminist press Crossing borders award by Feminist press  in USA. 22nd October, 2009

Taslima is invited in Italy to attend a poetry festival called 'absolute young poetry'   in Udine and Monfalcone,.  6th to 10th October, 2009

Messaggero Veneto, Lectio Magistralis,UAAR Ultimissime


August 2009

Taslima went to India to see whether the Indian Government permits  her to live in India, her adopted home. But she was forced again  by the Government to leave India again. 

July 2009

Taslima is one of the poets in  International poetry festival in San Francisco, USA. 23 to 26 July,2009

Reading on the John Keraouac Alley               Reaction

Taslima attended  Napolopoesia, the poetry festival in Naples, Italy. 17-19 July, 2009



June 2009

Taslima participated in a public discussion at Asian American writers workshop in New York, USA. 24 June,2009

Taslima  spoke at  ''Scholars At  Risk''  launch event in  Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 18 June, 2009   

Paris   honored  Taslima Nasreen at Maison de la poesie, the show was for an hour. French actor recited her poems

in French, and other French poets recited their poems they have written  on Taslima.  Paris, France. 8 June,2009



March 2009

Taslima spoke in  French leftist-secularist- seminar. Saint Denis, France 4-5 April/2009

Taslima spoke in  Global  Progressive Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.  2-3 April/2009

 Prix Lilas committee honoured Taslima in Paris 

 Taslima was selected  as  one of the Woodrow Wilson visiting fellows in the USA


February 2009

Taslima went to India to see whether she would be allowed to live there. Just after her arrival she  was asked by the Government to leave India. She was granted the extension of her residence permit   for India ( permission to live  in India)  with a condition that she must not live in India. 


January 2009

Taslima  gave lecture in Bloomington and Terre Houte  of  Indiana University, USA


December 2008

Taslima supported the French Foreign Ministry for cooperation's project of 20 million euro to help African Women.

Taslima attended 20th anniversary of Sakharov prize in European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. 16-17 December.

Taslima attended   20th anniversary of French Republic's Human Rights Award in Paris. 8-10 December.  

Taslima supported Campaign against Sharia law in Britain.  


November 2008

Huit--a book of short stories supporting Millennium Development Goals  published in France

Mahasweta Devi  calls for movement to bring back Taslima in Kolkata . 1st November

''A Year of Shame'' on the eve of one year of throwing out Taslima from Kolkata. .A few reports on a year of Shame and celebration of publishing a poetry book in Kolkata 19th, 20th November

Taslima attended the  inauguration  of the book 'HUIT NOUVELLES' with other writers and participated in a debate in Strasbourg, France on 17th of November 

A French TV interview. 16th November

Taslima  attended the celebration of 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights  at  FNAC in  Paris, France.  13 November

Taslima was invited by President Mikhail Gorbachev  from World Political Forum  to attend the  conference in Bosco Marengo, Italy to talk about the Role of Civil society and Universality of Values. Mikhail Gorbachaev showed his support towards Taslima.  6-7 November

Author given 'marching order', The National, UAE


October 19-October 25,2008

Taslima attended Festival against censorship in Bilbao, Spain


October 16 -October 18, 2008

Taslima attended The Women's forum global meeting 2008 in Deauville, France.

Report: International Herald Tribune


August 8  to mid October, 2008

Taslima came to Delhi,  India. She was not allowed  to go to her home in Kolkata. She was not even allowed to go to Kolkata only for 2 days to finally leave her apartment  and bring her valuable books and belongings. She was forced to transfer all her stuff from Kolkata to Delhi. She was given the extension of her residential permit for India   with the condition that she must  leave India in a  few days. She stayed in a friend's house in Delhi and left  some of her belongings in  her friend's house and some in a storage. She was forced to  leave India once again with no hope for future. The criminals who attacked Taslima and issued fatwa against her are moving around freely but Taslima, a  secular and humanist author is getting   punished  for the crimes the Islamic fundamentalists committed against her. 

I love India, won't leave

Behave like a guest, Centre tells Taslima

Taslima returned to India



Taslima applied to the Bangladesh Government through Bangladesh Embassy in Sweden     to renew her Bangladesh passport. No answer as usual. As a citizen of Bangladesh by birth she applied for 'no visa required' stamp on her European passport. No response  as usual.   The Bangladesh Government remains  silent. The Government has been preventing the author from entering her own country for 14 years.

I still dream of returning to India 9 July

Taslima has become  Honour Citizen of Paris  /  Taslima Nasreen faite «citoyenne d’honneur» de Paris  7 July

Taslima attended 3rd world forum on Human Rights in Nantes 2nd-3rd July -recherché taslima 



Taslima  atteneded  WALTIC conference in Stockholm. 

La romancière bangladaise Taslima Nasreen réapparaît en public en Suède



Taslima recieved Simone de beauvoir prize

Article  Le Monde Taslima Nasreen,eternelle proscrite

Article le Figaro

Article liberation  rechercher taslima

Article in ELLE

Article in Nouvel Obs

AFP report

RFI report

Letudiant report

Taslima's new book DE MA PRISON is published in France

published by editions Philippe Rey

available --Fnac



April 2008

Taslima is homeless everywhere.

“The issue has tarnished India’s image abroad”,  

On Taslima Nasreen. Mainstream


March 2008

Taslima  was  forced to leave  India, her second home.  

Taslima's exit id s national shame

'I am half-dead, I cant take it anymore'

Academics fault Centre, West Bengal on Taslima issue


February 2008

 Intellectuals demand Taslima's citizenship /Muffled and gagged

Why is Taslima Nasreen a prisoner?

The former judge of the Supreme Court, V.R. Krishna Iyer, in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Taslima's visa extended

January 2008

Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi says Taslima Nasreen should apologise 'with her hands folded' to the Muslims of India for hurting their religious sentiments. Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen has been treated virtually like an untouchable, ever since she was literally hounded out of Kolkata - no political party has been willing to stick their neck out for Taslima. -Times Now

A meeting was held in Kolkata for bringing back Taslima. Eminent Bengali writer Mahasweta Devi presided the meeting on  2nd January.

December 2007

Demand for Dwikhandito

 The Vanishing ( Bengali)

Taslima was forced to withdraw some parts of her own book.  

Unfortunate witch hunt




November 2007

Taslima withdraws controversial lines from her book

We will continue to give  shelter to Taslima

Missing Kolkata

Taslima is  forced to leave West Bengal  on 22nd of Nov. 

21 November . Protest to revoke Taslima's visa watch


October 2007

Forced to live  under virtual  House Arrest  since August.

September 2007

NARIR KONO DESH NEI (   NO COUNTRY FOR WOMEN) by Taslima is published. ( Riju Publishers, 00919836378327, 00919831104526,)



August 2007

''We'll  behead Taslima next time''

Taslima was attacked by the  Muslim Fundamentalists in the city of Hyderabad, India.

The Muslim Fundamentalists   declared  ''unlimited reward''   on the head of Taslima.

Clerics bay for Taslima blood

10 Muslim organizations ( Milli Ittehad Parishad) are  united to demand  Taslima's deportation and seizure of all her books.



April 2007

Taslima wants fundamentalism tackled

Right to freedom lies with individual: Taslima

Taslima was honoured by Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 15 April



March 2007

I fight for rights of humanity: Taslima  The HINDU 30 March 

Thiruvananthapuram,March.30 (PTI): Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen today said she was being persecuted for fighting for the rights of humanity.

Addressing the 'Ananthapuri International Book Festival' here, Nasreen said she did not want to shut her mouth on injustices against women. She also wanted India, the country she adopted, to follow a uniform civil code.

As a writer, she felt very safe in India and felt at home in Kerala.Taslima said her only fault was that she had fought fo secularism and equality.

Taslima said she would continue the fight for rights of women. Forests Minister Binoy Viswam inaugurated the book festival.


INDIA: Muslim group sets Rs 5 lakh on Taslima

Times of India
Saturday, March 17, 2007

By Manjari Mishra

Lucknow --- Nearly seven months after UP minister Haji Yakoob Qureshi raised a storm by announcing a reward on the heads of two Danish cartoonists for lampooning the Prophet, a little-known conservative Muslim group on Friday offered a Rs 5 lakh bounty for the head of controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen.

President of the All India Ibtehad Council, Taqi Raza Khan ordered the elimination (qatal) of the exiled novelist. The decision, he said, had full approval of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (Jadid), a splinter group set up four years ago in Bareilly. Jadid means new.

Khan said he had declared a reward of Rs 5 lakh for anyone who killed the "notorious woman". He claimed a core body of the board comprising 150 ulema, lawyers, retired IPS officers, doctors and professors had already passed a resolution on Thursday to oust Nasreen from India. Khan enjoys wide support among the Barelvi sect and the issue is likely to generate heat in coming days, especially with assembly elections round the corner, observers said.

Would the decision be reconsidered? Only if "woh mafi mangey, apni sari kitabein jalaye, aur tauba kare (she apologises, burns her books and leaves)," Khan said.

What has Nasreen done to ruffle this body? "Yeh aurat behad badzuban hai, aur Shariat par hamla karti rahi hai (this woman has a vicious tongue and has been attacking the Shariat)," said Khan.

"We have been hearing that the Indian government is thinking of granting her citizenship. The idea is repugnant to all God-fearing Muslims.

If the government does not drive her out within 10 days, all hell will break lose."

Date Posted: 3/17/2007


Taslima attended   women's  conference celebrating  international women's day, in London.




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