Poetry for revolution and peace on  Bangladesh stage



List of the Countries Where Taslima Spoke---

1.Great Britain  2.Sweden  3.Denmark  4.Finland  5.Norway  6.Iceland  7.Ireland

8.Germany  9.The Netherlands  10.Belgium  11.France  12.Austria  13.Switzerland

14.Italy  15.Spain  16.Portugal   17.South Africa  18.Czech Republic 19..China 20.U.S.A. 21.Canada

22.Mexico  23. India 24. Bangladesh etc.


The Universities Where Taslima Gave Lectures---

1.Oxford University, England 

 2.Nottingham University, England 

3.Edinburgh University, Scotland
4.Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland 

5.University College of Dublin, Ireland 

6.Sorbonne University, France
7.Université Jésuite, France

8. University of Paris, France

9.University of Graz, Austria
10.Gent University, Belgium
11.Uppsala University, Sweden 
12.Helsinki University, Finland 
13.Johannesburg University, South Africa
14.Harvard University, U.S.A.
15.Michigan State University, U.S.A.
16.California State University, U.S.A.
17.Maryland State University, U.S.A.
18.Boston University, U.S.A.
19.Tufts University, U.S.A.
20.Wellesley College, U.S.A.
21.Dartmouth College, U.S.A.
22.College of Charleston, U.S.A.

23.Yale University, U.S.A.
24.Concordia University, Canada
25.Quebec University, Canada
26.Toronto University, Canada 
27.Brusseles University, Belgium
28.Lille University, France

29. American University of Paris, France  

30. Barcelona University, Spain

31.Kolkata University, India

32. Rajshahi University, Bangladesh etc.



Press conference in Paris  in 1994


Speech on Women's Forum,France 15 October, 2005

UNESCO Speech  16 November,2004

16-18 April, 2004 


Speech at the European Parliament 17 December,2002

Speech at UNESCO as a representative of IHEU  12 November, 1999

What are the challenges to artists as champions of Human Rights,Ottawa,Canada  23-25 July,1998

"Religious Extremism and  Ethnic Rivalries"   A talk given at the Humanists World Congress in Mexico City 16 November,1996


Speech at Harvard University 28 April,1996



Belgium  France     


Declaration in Defense of Cloning and the Integrity of Scientific Research

"Fighter for Human Rights, " Photo during the Godless March, photo

Ending Violence Against Women

Vigilant Justice: Securing Human Rights in Today's World

AAI  Convention adds  Taslima Nasrin  to  cast of stars

a resounding affirmation of her humanism




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